“I am so glad I did this! I’ll admit, I was extremely nervous to book a boudoir photoshoot, but Marylou made the entire process so easy!  We laughed and chatted the entire time.  I was BLOWN AWAY by what she was able to capture when I was so afraid I would look awkward. She is a true artist and made me feel and look incredible”  ~ Jennifer M.


I absolutely love this form of art.  Some women book a session in order to purchase their groom’s gift album and some just want these empowering, beautiful and timeless images as a gift for themselves. I have yet to meet anyone that wasn’t beyond thrilled that they took the time to invest in one of these sessions or that hasn’t told me that they have never felt or looked better than in the images they received.

If you’ll notice, these are done in an intimately and honestly with understated beauty…I feel the real beauty and the real sexiness lies in the eyes, in the curves, in the moves, not in your lingerie, your fancy hotel room or your expensive silk sheets….  I need a simple, understated space to make you feel amazing.

Hair/makeup/wardrobe available for hire. Client privacy is very important to me so please reach out if you need further information.